Journey Continues – UT, WY, SD

Last summer I journeyed west. This continues the trip.

Dinosaur National Monument

At the corner of Colorado and Utah is Dinosaur National Monument. Having seen the bones in New York City (American Museum of Natural History) and Pittsburgh (Carnegie Museum) it was interesting to see where they came from. The landscape pricks the imagination of life long ago.

Dinosaur National Monument
Dinosaur National Monument

I then headed to Flaming Gorge. This is shared by Utah and Wyoming. Getting there was half the fun!


On the way to Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge
Arriving at Flaming Gorge. Summer storms sweep across.

Gorge on Wyoming side
The landscape in the Wyoming lacks the trees, but the light is constantly changing.

Summer Storm
View from my campsite. Summer storm approaches.

I traveled to Shoshone National Forest and then on to Bighorn National Forest.

Bighorn Valley
Bighorn Valley

Camping Bighorn National Forest
Boondocking (free camping) in Bighorn National Forest.

Devils Tower or Bears Lodge
Devils Tower / Bears Lodge. A sacred place and fascinating to explore

After Wyoming, I head to South Dakota.

Prairie Dog
Uh Oh! Watch out little prairie dog…

Bison on the way…

Bison herd

Bison and a “bisonette”

Badlands, South Dakota
Badlands of South Dakota.

View from "The Wall"
View from my camping spot on “The Wall” just outside of Badlands National Park.

Flowers at Black Hills National Forest
Black Hills National Forest

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