Florida’s Fauna

Living outdoors I get to see so much nature and it is always exciting to see other living creatures of the non-human variety. These photos are only a few of many creatures in my Florida photo collection.

As I walked into the forest in the fog at sunrise a Florida panther crossed my path. You can’t see it in the photo… 😉
Florida alligator warming in the sun.
Quintessential Florida, Snowy egret.
Great Blue Heron
Blue crab at Salt Springs, Ocala National Forest
Carp and crab, Salt Springs
After a Tropical Storm the prairie floods, Myakka River
Red Shouldered Hawk
Wild boar family.
Egret over a salt marsh
Sunset over the salt marsh. An owl is hooting behind me.

3 responses to “Florida’s Fauna”

  1. Beautiful pics Nan. I love experiencing the “other side” of FL so many travelers miss. Your photos take me right back! 🤗


  2. Love the non-human creatures! And the beautiful nature settings in Florida!!


  3. Great photos Nan. I’ve seen most of these creatures myself but never gotten good shots.


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