When people ask me what I miss most living on the road, I often smile and say “broadband”. Before Covid 19 arrived, I would often find myself at a local library or coffee shop. Now we are limited to lurking outside hoping to pick up a wifi signal, masking ourselves from others.

Winter came and I headed south to Florida. I almost forgot how beautiful it is when you get away from the highways, stores and housing divisions. Florida State Parks say, “Welcome to the REAL Florida”. Most of these photos celebrate the light.

Palmettos make beautiful patterns.
Spanish moss filters the sunlight.
Clouds and sunlight over tidewater.
Approaching storm and distant sunlight.
Alligator swimming in the reed’s reflections.
Red-shouldered hawk.
Light in the mangroves.
Mangrove roots reach for the water that reflects the leaves above.
Water swirls among the mangroves.

5 responses to “Florida”

  1. Samantha Reiner Avatar
    Samantha Reiner

    Nan, your shots are great. It was so nice to ‘find’ you again. We’ve just left Florida heading to Savanna area for a few nights, then gotta race north to beat the snow. Stay safe- hope to see you again soon.


  2. Beautiful photos 🙂


  3. Hello Nan, We so enjoyed your visit and, as always, your photographs. Please keep in touch.


  4. Wonderful collection Nan! I especially like the shot of the clouds and sunlight over tidewater.

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    1. Thanks! I was disappointed with this one after I shrank it down for the web. Your work is wonderful.

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