Appalachia North Carolina

Summer plans were affected by the Covid19 Virus. I had planned a nice S curve following the Blue Ridge Parkway that turned into more of a zig-zag. Campgrounds that I reserved never opened and the ones that did were packed. Kids and bears were abundant.

I began at Carter Lake, Georgia
Sunlight after the rain.
Color in the forest.
Much rain fed the many waterfalls.
A waterfall starts with a “seep” where the water oozes out of the earth.
The seeps turn into puddles.
Rhododendron blooms filled the forests.
Hiking along a river.
Smoky Mountains.
Ocean of clouds
Clouds rise into the sky.
As summer came to a close, I headed east toward the sea with a stop for a kayak at Badin Lake, NC.

2 responses to “Appalachia North Carolina”

  1. Fabulous photos and unfolding story Nan. Thanks for sharing. 🤗


  2. Hello Nan, And to think you didn’t stop by to visit us in North Georgia! Great lodging and no kids, but Beas area possibility. Maybe next trip up? As usual, really enjoyed your photos.


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