Arizona Encore

With pandemic-closed campgrounds, I returned to Arizona where there were places to “dry camp” or “disperse” camp. This means finding places on Bureau of Land Management land or National Forests. I was out of my comfort zone driving down forest service roads looking for places to pull off, but that can also be called “adventure”! I returned to old haunts and discovered new places. Then the pandemic-closed wifi areas put this blog on hold until now. I have since traveled eastward, but you’ll have to wait for the next blog for photos of that journey.

Desert area near Lake Havasu
Desert area near Lake Havasu

Desert sunset
Desert sunset

Gila River
Gila River riparian area. The surrounding area is all desert,
but go down into the river area and there are green trees and lots of birds

Great blue heron
Great Blue Heron

Gila River
Shadows on the Gila River

Mountain View
Arizona high country

View of Storm
Storm over the mountains

Bird flying
Playing in the updraft

Show Low Lake
Show Low Lake

Luna Lake
Luna Lake

Reflection on a stream


2 responses to “Arizona Encore”

  1. Beautiful Nan! I especially love the picture of the wild Iris. đŸ¤—


  2. Amazing shots! Thank you for sharing.


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