Big Bend

Chisos Mountains from the outside. Inside is Chisos Basin, a huge caldera.
Chisos Basin at sunset. This light only lasted a moment.
An approaching storm, the clouds pour into the basin.
A hike down to the “Window” reveals the country beyond.
A view of the “Window” from the other side as the light breaks through.
Santa Elena Canyon and the Rio Grande
A pouroff. The rain from the mesa above pours through the rock forming sudden rivers below.
Check the weather before doing this hike…

Javalina, Bobcat, Beaver, Roadrunner (beep beep!)

The Rio Grande and Sierra Del Carmen.
Boquillas Canyon.

One response to “Big Bend”

  1. Nan, lovely photos! We have been to those places. Missed the rain part tho!
    We are at Ft. Pickens with a new camper. Like to see your adventures. Thanks for sharing.
    L and B


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