New Mexico

After going to so many National Parks, it was nice to slow down, relax and experiment with some of the many photos I’ve taken. Here are a few pix from New Mexico.


Reflections on a reservoir.

Kettle pool
After a rain, water gathers in pools on the rocks.

Under a cliff.


Devil’s Ink Pot, Bottomless Lakes, NM

Flowers in the desertFlowers in the desert.

One response to “New Mexico”

  1. Welcome to the Land of Enchantment!
    I don’t know if you remember I have a brother, David Stryker, MD, wife Lee Reynis and their daughter Anna who with Gabriel Palley, MD and the triplets all live there. Hopefully you’ll have no need to meet them professionally, but just in case. The docs are at Ptesbytetian Hospital.
    We’re so pleased you’re enjoying your journey around the country and you certainly have taken lovely photos. Please keep in touch.
    Bill and Sara


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