Up the Oregon and Washington Coasts

Bathing beauties on the Oregon coast by Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.
Mount St. Helens
Hole in the Wall, Rialto Beach
Seal Rocks Beach on the Hood Canal, WA
Seal Rocks Beach
South Beach, Olympic National Park
Low tide at South Beach
Olympic Range, Olympic Peninsula, WA
Clouds in the mountains.
Flying goats! Mountain goats are being removed from the mountains and taken to the Cascades, where they belong.

3 responses to “Up the Oregon and Washington Coasts”

  1. Loren and Betsy Avatar
    Loren and Betsy

    Nan, we were there in May, June after we picked up our new Escape camper in BC! Oregon, Washington are lovely!
    Loren and Betsy (Casita, Penny dog in FL)


    1. Yes I remember you, Penny, of course. You are still following my blog! Too bad we missed each other, but maybe Jekyll Island next year.


  2. Lovely photos – not that we wouldn’t expect lovely photos from you. We assume all is well and look forward to seeing more as you travel. The NW isn’t an area we’ve traveled, but still on our bucket list. Loving our time in north Georgia until we head back south. Please keep in touch.


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