Going Coastal, Northern California

I found this wonderful lake/reservoir Pine Flat Lake, after coming down the mountains fleeing the snow. I met an older Korean-American man who loved to kayak. I met a young woman building an electric car-sharing company for rural areas. I picked up a mouse in my “house”. (Later the man at the hardware store recommended “total annihilation,” sad but necessary.
It was still snowing in the mountains. This was my view from Pine Flat Lake.
One view from Glass Beach, Ft. Bragg, CA. This beach has a lot of sea-glass due to it having been a garbage dump at one point. You’d never guess it today.
Another view of the beach.
I found a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) campsite and was pleasantly surprised to find this! Black Sand Beach. Hikers spend 3 or 4 days hiking down the beach from a point north. If you squint your eyes and see small dots by the river leading out to the sea, those are people.
Elk Prairie, Redwoods State and National Park. Not sure why these boys were fighting as it is Spring, practicing for rutting season? Politics?
This isn’t the tallest redwood in the park, but they are tall! The hiking trails among these giants, the ferns and the tiniest little flowers… I felt like a hobbit.
My front yard. Gold Bluffs Beach, Redwoods.


2 responses to “Going Coastal, Northern California”

  1. gorgeous
    images 🙂


  2. So fabulous Nan. Pictures says 1000 words and no cliche here. Exploring up west coast on my bucket list. Totally. Hug that redwood, blow that raven a kiss.


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