Traveling West

These pics are of just a few samples of the places I’ve been recently. I was nervous at first about traveling west and the larger spaces, National Forests or Bureau of Land Management free camping, but I’ve made it to California and am having fun and meeting interesting people along the way.

Carlsbad Caverns was amazing.

Storm in the desert near Guadalupe Mountains.
Free campsite on my way to the Grand Canyon. San Francisco Mountain.
Yes, the Grand Canyon.
There is a raft going down the whitewater, too small to see.


Camping on Lake Mead.
Hiking the foothills at Sequoia National Park.
Snow in Kings Canyon. Lacking snow chains, I had to leave.
I left Kings Canyon and to sunny weather down below. I had to cancel my plans for Yosemite as it promised snow there for the next week. I’ll just have to return…


One response to “Traveling West”

  1. Hi Nan, the photos are great. Good to see. Looks like you are doing well.


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