Assateague1The weather as a topic of discussion, really? My brother is the opposite of me philosophically, spiritually, politically, even our temporal lifestyle. We do have a love of the outdoors in common. We discuss the weather.

I spent part of the summer at his cabin in northern Wisconsin. I like the forest and the lake, but I was beginning to feel closed in. There were many cloudy days and it felt dark in the woods.

Instead of heading further west, I wanted to enjoy the light and air of the beaches of the eastern outer banks. I make my plans and head out – straight into the face of Hurricane Florence. Hurricanes were one reason I decided a van was a good idea – I could simply drive my home away from the storm, and here I was driving in the wrong direction.

PublicLandingThe weather not only promised a Category 3 hurricane, it promised severe flooding inland. A friend, thinking she was “helpful” called in a panic about the wind and floods! I needed to Flee! Now! Run! Panic! Ahaghhh! My being of a nervous disposition, this was not helpful.

I was camping on the Delmarva peninsula (that stands for Delaware, Maryland, Virginia), heading for Assateague National Seashore, I began to WORRY. My plans! I need a new plan. The campground had wifi so I sat there and started to search for somewhere to go. I found a good campground that was well above any flood areas and well inland from the wind. I have a few days before the storm gets close, so I go to the beach.

Assateague2The waves were fierce, but the sun was shining. I kayaked the inland waters, saw the wild horses. I was so glad to be there even if the stay was cut short. That was when the campground I had planned to weather out the storm cancelled. Where to go? I felt alone and homeless. The rangers were coming around getting the place ready for the storm and when they asked me how I was, I started to cry. One of the rangers gave me a hug. They said not to worry, there were lots of campgrounds to the north and west that were open and they were sure I would find a safe place.180910Assateague3

Bolstered by the hug and reassurance, I decided on Washington DC. I called to be sure they wouldn’t cancel on me last minute and I was on my way. I’m back in the clouds and rain showers, but safe from the storm and able to make new plans.

Someday in the future I hope to not rely on plans and campground reservations, but I’m not ready yet. I have camped without reservations, but in the more popular spots it is good to have a plan so I can find other things to worry about – like the weather!

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